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Reviews and Recommendations: Testimonials

As an adult learner coming back to driving after years of absence (and only a few hours under my belt then!) driving with Traction has been fantastic and the Honda Civic has been a great car to drive (compared to my parents older car that has a transmission that slips), steering is really responsive and great visibility.
Ryan has been really accommodating to my needs, never pushing me outside of my comfort zone yet at the same time instilling confidence in my ability to progress. Super keen on future lessons, I’ve never felt more comfortable with a driving instructor before.

Todd Lymer

Ryan is a fantastic instructor! He gives me a pretty good understanding of the drive test and greatly improves my reverse parking skills. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a practice drive test before the real one!

Lucy Song

Well besides being stunned by the luxury of the car, thanks to this Instructor I've managed to pass my P's, I felt completely comfortable, and from being utterly nervous, I feel confident as now. He even taught me how to fill the car with petrol. Let alone finding an instructor who will train you on a freeway! Thank You so much!

Ruby Jarvis

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